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What are you reading? Do you wonder what books are engaging other Hill Havurah folks? "Hill Havurah Reads" was envisioned as a way for community members to get to know a little about one another by sharing what members and friends of Hill Havurah are reading.
Launched in January 2022, this blog also serves as a peek into the community for those curious about Hill Havurah and offers reading/listening recommendations for all interested. We invite you to click here to visit Hill Havurah Reads.
To share a book about which you're enthusiastic, or if you have any questions, contact Virginia Spatz, who is organizing the blog, says "we're not looking for reviews or analysis, just a few words about a book you're reading and why you picked it up -- which means telling us a little about yourself as well." See existing posts for more examples.



Fri, July 12 2024 6 Tammuz 5784