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Hill Havurah Board of Directors

The 2020-21 Hill Havurah Board is diverse in terms of professional and personal attributes, as well as the types of Havurah programs with which they are affiliated. 


Officers of the Board

 Marlene Zakai
Chair of the Board 



 Aaron Hiller
 Vice Chair of the Board 

Education Committee, Reopening Task Force                                                                          


 Eric Paisner
Secretary of the Board

Ritual Committee



David Picture

 David Sigman
 Treasurer of the Board



Members of the Board

 Adrienne Tropp
Membership and Community Outreach Committee, Kehillah Committee, Reopening Task Force



 Anne Brachman
Communications Committee, Tikkun Olam/Tzedek Committee



Chris Jaikaran
Risk Committee, Reopening Task Force



Howard Crystal
Immediate Past Chair of the Board, Tikkun Olam/Tzedek Committee


 Lee Simon                                                                                                            Space Committee


 Marcia Hoexter                                                                                                  Membership and Community Outreach Committee


 Phyllis Slesinger                                                                                                 Governance Committee


 Sarah Erdreich
 Co-Chair, Tikkun Olam/Tzedek Committee




Thu, July 7 2022 8 Tammuz 5782