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Tzedek Committee - Social Justice

In April 2017, the Hill Havurah Board approved the establishment of a Tzedek (Justice) Committee. The purpose of the Tzedek Committee is to review issues concerning social justice raised by Hill Havurah members as well as requests for support from other organizations, and identify those issues and activities that merit our organizational support.

Tzedek, or justice, is a key word in the book of Devarim – most famously in the verse: “Justice, justice you shall pursue, so that you may thrive and occupy the land that the Lord your God is giving you.”

Hill Havurah undertakes actions to support social action based on Jewish laws and ethics, striving to create a world that is just and kind. Practical considerations also come into play, such as the number of activities the Havurah should support or participate in each year.

Members opt to participate in social justice and charitable activities on a strictly voluntary basis, based on their own interests, priorities, and personal beliefs. The Tzedek Committee seeks to build consensus, but recognizes that, for some members, certain social justice activities may be controversial, and others will prefer to focus on other aspects of the Havurah such as educational programs and pastoral needs.

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In June, 2017 the Hill Havurah Board established Operating Guidelines for Tzedek (Social Justice) Committee and also approved three Congregational Positions recommended by the committee for action during the coming year. Additional information on Tzedek Committee can be found at the following links:

To see Rabbi Hannah's 5/31/20 "In Solidarity" message in support of Black-led justice movements, you can click here.

To see the 6/25/20 letter signed in support of the Black Lives Matter movement by Hill Havurah and 600+ other Jewish organizations and synagogues, you can click here.


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