"Just Cups of Coffee"
A Mitzvah Opportunity

Mirembe Kawomera means "delicious peace" in Lugandan.  Jews, Muslims and Christians in this unique Ugandan cooperative have grown and marketed their coffee together since 2004, when JJ Keki, a Ugandan Jew, knocked on his neighbors' doors asking them to put aside their differences and join him in creating a dynamic new project. 

More than 550 families now earn their livlihoods through the Coffee Cooperative.  In addition, local schools,
electric and water facilities have also benefited from the coffee sales.
  An active and effective training program has improved the quality and yields at harvest, and a new roof was recently put on the elementary school. 

Each day these farmers choose tolerance as their way forward. Their children see that peace is a solution and a path to a brighter future. Supporting this Cooperative promotes a strong base of citizenship and a global community dedicated to real peace-building.  As a result of this cooperative venture, more than 550 families now enroll their children in schools and participate in a variety of local public health and education projects. 

Get high quality, organic Kosher coffee and invest in a more just world.   In addition, $1 from the sale of each bag of Mirembe Kawomera Coffee will help support Hill Havurah.

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Hill Havurah Coffee Order Form:

All coffee comes in 12 ounce bags of either drip ground or whole bean.

# of bags                                       ground      whole bean
(   ) Light Roast:                                 (   )                  (   )    $11 each
(   ) Dark Roast:                                  (   )                  (   )    $11 each
(   ) Decaf Roast:                                 (   )                 (   )    $12 each
Total number of bags _______  = $_______.
Name _____________________________________________________
Street Address______________________________________________
City/State/ZIP Code___________________________________________
Tel ________________________________________________________
E-mail address ______________________________________________
                       Make check payable to Hill Havurah and mail it with the order to:    
                       Jutta Brettschneider
                       3712 Perry Street
                       Brentwood, MD  20722-1713
                       or email: yuttab@verizon.net.

Additional information on the coffee project is available at www.mirembekawomera.com.